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Fantastic Opportunity!!
Calling all those working on estates!
We have a brilliant opportunity to give every year 6 the ‘it’s your move’ book, on every estate, as a gift to aid their transition to secondary school.
‘It’s your move’ is a book written by scripture union here is a little they have to say about it…
Whether you were a confident or a scared 11-year-old, chances are that you were at least a bit apprehensive about starting this new phase of your life.
Research conducted by Scripture Union confirmed that the big change from primary to secondary school can be really stressful, as children come to terms with being the small fish in a much bigger pond.
That’s why we developed It’s Your Move, a brilliant book designed to help primary schools as they prepare their top year pupils for their move to secondary school. It’s packed with wise advice and true stories of young people who have already taken that big step.
Now on its sixth edition since its publication in 2001, It’s Your Move has helped over a million children move on with confidence.
To benefit from this amazing one-off deal and get your free copies to give to your local schools. Ring 01908 856000 ask for the 2015 copies (as many as you can use) and use the following code ym18old
They come in packs of 10, and each has a small guide to how they may be used. You will need to pay postage. If you have other churches in your area perhaps you could order together to save on postage.

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