National Estate Churches Network

NECN meetup at Greenbelt

Are you going to Greenbelt Festival? We’ll be there – we’re planning a meetup at the yoURCafé on Monday 29th at 10am.

The theme of yoURCafé at Greenbelt this year is ‘Revolting Christians’ – but the food and drink will be delicious! ‘Revolting Christians’ are those who stand up to injustice, confront oppression and seek lasting change for good, following the example of Jesus.

Alongside delicious drinks, treats and affordable meals, the URC café will host worship, discussion, music, bedtime stories and superb crafts, all celebrating revolting Christians from history and encouraging and equipping us to be revolting Christians now!

Everyone who is part of the National Estate Churches Network will be very welcome to join us for a catch up, to share the news from your communities and to talk about how we can be ‘Revolting Christians’ on our estates.

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