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Online Leadership Resources from Church Army

LEAD - Online Leadership Resources from Church Army

LEAD is the new leadership development offer from Church Army. Designed to resource new and existing leaders who want to grow and develop themselves and others to transform their communities. It’s been designed and piloted with pioneers and evangelists in mind.

LEAD learning content works best when done alongside meeting together with other leaders in an action learning group. The weekly learning material offers you a range of content to choose from so you can apply what you are learning to real life situations and find out how others are doing the same.

LEAD currently consists of 5 core modules. Each comprising of four 2hr sessions.
Authentic leadership – Helps you explore your leadership identity, values and communicate your vision.
Healthy leadership – Invites you to reflect on the habits and practices that help sustain your passion for work or ministry and identify areas for growth.
Team leadership – Helps you further develop your leadership alongside others in a variety of team situations.
Collaborative leadership – ­Reflect on how effective you are at working in partnership with others and managing multiple expectations.
Enabling leadership – Encourages and equips you to enable the growth and development of other leaders.

You can sign up to complete the whole 20 week programme over 18 months or sign up for individual module to learn at your own pace.

As part of the official launch for LEAD Church Army are running LEAD bite size, 2hr taster sessions from Wednesday 18 May – Friday 22 July at a variety of different days and times, so you can pick a session or two to try before committing yourself and they are running a live Q&A session on Wednesday 22 June at 7pm.

Check out the new LEAD website for more information on how to sign up or register your interest here to start your LEAD journey!