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  • English My Way

    English My Way is a programme designed specifically for people living in the UK, whose English language abilities are below Entry Level 1. The aim is to help adults who have very little or no English language skills to become a part of their local communities. The course can be taught through a mix of tutor-led sessions, […]

  • Joe Hasler’s blog on working class culture and estates ministry

      This Friday we introduce the blog of estates priest and practitioner, Joe Halser at Joe grew up in a working class area in South London and  worked for 17 years as a community development worker and has been an Anglican priest for 25 years on estates in Birmingham, Essex, Liverpool and Bristol. His […]

  • Bible Society Free Resources

    If you are using August to plan discipleship courses for September in your church or community, the uncertainty of COVID-19 certainly makes things more complicated! Don’t panic, there are all sorts of free learning resources out there and help is at hand. The Bible Society distributes free Bibles all over the world and provides lots […]

  • Free Global Caring Films available to Live in Harmony with God’s Creation

    Care for the environment may have slipped a little below the media radar during the pandemic but this does not mean that climate change has been reversed or gone away. Despite the fact that travel has been greatly reduced at this time, summer temperatures in parts of the northern hemisphere have reached record highs this […]

  • Hope Together -Talking Jesus course

    During COVID-19 the Talking Jesus course created by Hope Together will be free until the end of August 2020. This is a practical 6 session course which can now be shared with groups online about how to tell others about Jesus. Simply click here and follow the instructions to register your group to the free […]

  • Faith Pictures – a fresh way to talk about things that matter

    If you are looking for a gentle, humorous and light-hearted course to run with a small church group we think you will like Faith Pictures. This 6 week has been designed by the Church Army. You can find out more about it on The idea of the course is to help Christians talk to […]

  • Resources by NECN Founder, Laurie Green

    A very handy resource for any estate church leader or practitioner is Laurie Green’s blog on how to do theology. The website is This way of reflecting theologically on situations starts not with books but with actual experience. It is called the Pastoral Cycle. Below is his diagram outlining the process. Laurie gives a […]

  • Jesus Shaped People

    Jesus Shaped People is a programme to develop the discipleship of small, estate churches and communities from social housing and inner estates. Sample resources can be downloaded from  Jesus Shaped People have been producing resources for churches now living with the fall-out from COVID-19. A link a video clip explaining more can be found […]

  • Try Praying

      Try Praying is a resource for people who are not religious and don’t go to church. If you click on the caption to the above image you can download a free booklet. Alternatively you can visit to find out more.

  • Working Class Culture and Ministry Resources

    Are you looking for resources for and insights into estate ministry? Joe Hasler is a parish priest with  25 years’ of experience of living and working on estates. He has also worked for 17 years as a community development worker. Some of his work can be downloaded from the list below: 1. Mind Body Estates […]