National Estate Churches Network

Birmingham Urban Estates Network – Dates for 2022

Zoom Meeting – “Finding the Treasure”

Thursday 10th March, 12pm-1.30pm – On Zoom – please contact Guy Donegan-Cross to join

We will have a few local colleagues (Al Barrett, Claire Turner, Ann Richardson and Carlton Turner) to introduce the Estates Theology Project and some work being done under the title of “Finding the Treasure”.  They will give us an overview of the project, share some experiences, and lead a discussion.

As a taster you may wish to listen to a podcast called “Good News from the Estates” which you can find here, with episode 3 coming from Rubery.  Each episode lasts about 30 minutes and seeks to bring together a dialogue between the experience of estates ministry and theological reflection.

Resheduled Retreat in September

Apologies for the postponement of our January retreat with Jon Swales.  We have now rescheduled for Tuesday 27th September at 4pm to Wednesday 28th September 4pm at Holland House.

Jon Swales is from Lighthouse Church in Leeds.  Lighthouse is a “community that reaches out to those battered and bruised by the storms of life, including homelessness, addiction issues, criminal backgrounds, poverty and crisis in mental health.”

Jon also runs the course “Mission, Theology and Ministry for the Margins” and will be bringing some of that to us.

Looking Ahead

Future dates for this year are as follows:

Wednesday May 18th, 10-4ish.  We are going to have an in-person retreat day, led by +Anne with food. 
Thursday 14th July, 12.30 on Zoom (or walk if we vote on it).
Tuesday 27th to Wednesday 28th September: retreat at Holland House.
Wednesday 9th November, 12-2.  Lunchtime meeting with Bishop Anne.