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Book Review – Our Daily Bread

Our Daily Bread: From Argos to the Altar – A Priest’s Story by Father Alex Frost

We were privileged to attend the launch of Our Daily Bread by Father Alex Frost and hear some of his story first hand, his book ‘seeks to give a voice to the voiceless’ in his parish in Burnley.

Rev Alex Frost - Our Daily Bread

What an incredible read. The book weaves through Fr Alex’s faith journey and life whilst walking alongside the many beautiful yet often heart-breaking stories of those living in the parish to which he has been called. Set in the heart of Burnley, the rich stories share some of the truths of our time and do not shy away from the truths about why.

As I moved through the book, I felt a rollercoaster of emotions from laughing out loud to trying to hold back the tears (necessary when you are sitting at a full table on the train). Maybe it was the resonances from my years lived with similar folk that made my heart swell and break in equal measure. Maybe it was the very real way in which Fr Alex opens up peoples’ lives through the recognition of travelling his own life’s journey. Maybe it is the challenge he holds out to the structures of church and state to make a difference, speaking truth to power over the attitudes and injustices he sees in the world.

Whatever the reason, the beauty, the glaring injustices and the very real responses make it a great read if you want an inspiring story with no glib answers, no particularly perfect outcomes, just very real stories highlighting wonderful glimpses of the Kingdom of God, showing Jesus alive and well with those he has always chosen to spend time with.

For those living and working in estate setting there is much to ponder and a celebration of all that you do. May the stories set you free to be you.
Sara Barron

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