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Out of the Margins

Now available from NECN and Jesus Shaped People, our new collaborative podcast, Out of the Margins – Hearing and responding to voices from the edges of ministry.

Each episode of our podcast asks an estates practitioner to share from their experience of living and working in estate life around a particular question or theme. Hosted by Brendan Bassett from Jesus Shaped People and NECN’s Sara Barron.

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Episode 4: The Barriers to Kingdom Growth in Your Community

In this episode, Rev’d Simon Jay tells us about where he sees the treasure of unspeakable beauty within his community at The Haven in Welsh House Farm. We talk about our understanding of the Kingdom of God and therefore what growth of that kingdom looks like.

Episode 3: What next?

This week we spoke with Rev’d Jonathan Macy about life on Thamesmead Estate and how Covid has changed the landscape of church and work. Jonathan talks about the challenges of adapting to change in difficult times, listening to God and learning to work with what God has given you.

Episode 2: What is dying and what is coming to life…?

This week Rev’d Helen Shannon shares with us some wisdom around what we are seeing and sensing in this post pandemic time in our estates and low income communities. What is dying? How has the local estate church responded to what is dying and what are they seeing is beginning to flourish?

Episode 1: More with Less

Chris Fallone

In the first episode, ‘More with Less’, we talk to Rev’d Chris Fallone about his ministry. Chris tells us about his experiences of God’s faithfulness enabling us to do more with less in this challenging episode. You can find out more about the Manchester debt advice charity that Chris mentions on the Gateway M40 website.

Check back for more episodes soon…