National Estate Churches Network

Estates Evangelism Task Group

The Estates Evangelism Task Group (EETG) is a legacy of the Archbishops’ Evangelism Task Group. Inspired by the Nazarene manifesto, the contention of the group is that the transformation of a nation under Christ must include the poorest and the most marginalised. We seek to encourage and resource evangelism in estates parishes, foster new forms of church life in such areas and support the raising up of new leaders, lay and ordained, from and for the urban church.

Our broad vision is a very simple one. To have a loving, worshipping, serving Christian community on every significant social housing estate in England. Our conviction is that, if our approaches to mission accidentally or deliberately exclude the poor, we will never see the renewal for which we pray. Every significant renewal movement in Christian history has begun on the margins, and it is our firm belief that the same can happen in our own day.