National Estate Churches Network

Author: Gingerling Design

  • Estates Evangelism Task Group: Paper for the General Synod

    To have a loving, worshipping, serving Christian community on every significant social housing estate in England. You can read the February 2019 General Synod Motion and background paper here (it was carried unanimously) General Synod motion

  • Bishop Philip North’s address to Synod

    Bishop Philip North’s address to Synod

    When the early apostles set out of fulfil their task of growing the church, they started with the hungry and the widowed and the slaves. When St Francis set about rebuilding the church in the twelfth century, his first move was to go and live with a colony of people with leprosy. When St Vincent…

  • Christmas cards – reflective exercise

    Christmas cards – reflective exercise

    Ruth Atkinson at St Michael’s, Bartley Green has provided us with this excellent resource. Collect postcards or the pictures from Christmas Cards and use them as a reflective exercise either with children or adults. Read more here: postcards – reflective exercise postcards – reflective exercise

  • House blessing liturgy

    House blessing liturgy

    Debbie Collins from Holy Cross, Billesley has provided us with this resource House Blessing.

  • Estate baptism liturgy – St. Peter’s Church, Balkwell.

    Example of tweaked baptism liturgy for Estates from St. Peter’s Church, Balkwell. Full article and download here.