National Estate Churches Network

Author: Robb

  • Estates Evangelism Task Group Live Stream!

    Estates Evangelism Task Group Live Stream!

    The Church of England’s Estates Evangelism Task Group (EETG) is gathering representatives from Church of England dioceses and key organisations working with estates churches for a conference next week and we would like you to join us online! There are three live streamed keynote addresses that will be available to everyone via NECN’s YouTube channel. …

  • EETG at the Church of England National Synod

    EETG at the Church of England National Synod

    The Estates Evangelism Task Group continues to work towards achieving Synod’s goal of a worshipping, loving, serving Christian community on every significant estate in the nation.

  • New Resources from Jesus Shaped People

    Many of you will already be aware of the work of Jesus Shaped People, helping people to become focussed on mission and service. They have a new course called Stay Alert to the Spirit. There are intergenerational materials for both on and off line, or a mix of both. For more information you can get…

  • The Church @ Five Story

    The Church @ Five Story

    There is a little heard real life story that refutes the popular image of Christianity in decline. Church@Five is that story. Through the tremendous efforts of a committed group of activists, led by Helen Shannon, something remarkable has happened on the Strawberry Vale estate over the last ten years. Jesus Christ has come to a…