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  • What will you do to end homelessness?

    “Not having a secure home means not being able to set roots in a place, become part of a community and flourish in the ways that we are meant to. As churches there are many things that we can do to help prevent people falling into the sort of situations that I found myself in. […]

  • Estates Prayer

    The Bishop of Burnley, the Right Reverend Philip North has written a prayer for the estates. On Saturday 22nd February people will be saying this prayer for the estates across the country. This will be the first anniversary of the Church of England Synod motion to have a loving Christian community on every urban estate […]

  • Neighbourhood Prayer Network

    There are 260,000 streets in the UK. The vision of the Neighbourhood Prayer Network is for every street to be prayed for. Are you willing to pray for the street that you live on? Visit if you would like to sign up to that commitment.