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Work and training with Jericho

Jericho - Breaking barriers, changing lives.

Established in 1993 and built on Christian values, JERICHO provides people with work and training in their social businesses and help and support via their social projects.
This month Dave Chapman, JERICHO’s Church Partnership Manager has been telling us about two programmes they are currently running:

At Jericho, we support people, marginalised by society, to overcome barriers and move towards becoming fulfilled at work and in life. We provide training, apprenticeships and supported employment opportunities in our social enterprise businesses and work in partnership with local churches to provide life-changing, ground level support for local unemployed people through our Ignition project.


Ignition provides training and support to local church volunteers, equipping them with the skills they need to deliver practical job search support and guidance to unemployed people in the local community. Supporting unemployed people transforms lives. As well as meeting practical needs, a job club builds a safe and supportive environment where lasting relationships can be made with local people.

Ignition partners attending our training workshop will receive our new Support Guides and Workbooks that can be used to deliver an employment skills course or used as one-to-one support, either face to face or remotely. The support offered can be stand alone or complement other work the church is engaged in.


For many, many people, securing employment is not a simple or straightforward journey. Maybe they face pressing issues that prevent them moving forwards. Maybe they lack motivation, have no clear direction or aspirations for their future and they feel a bit lost.

In these situations, Coaching can be a very effective approach to engage, invite deeper thought, identify and grasp opportunities, discover new direction and set plans in place. Effective Coaching conversations can be powerful catalysts for progress and change and our new Coaching workshop will equip you with tools and techniques to have such conversations.

If you would like to attend an Ignition Workshop or a Coaching Workshop, or, simply want to know more, please call Dave Chapman, Church Partnership Manager, on 07850 603969, or email

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