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Talking Mission With

Sammy Jordan of Hope Together is setting up a new online network called ’Talking Mission With’ This is to be a space for people in incarnational ministry to share and talk together for mutual support and encouragement. Sammy is keen to share with others in the same area of ministry and calling. The initial meeting of ‘Talking Mission With’ will be online on Tuesday 28th June 12.30-2pm,

Talking Mission WIth

Laurence Singlehurst will share his thoughts on, ‘Mission With’.
Paul Keeble who kindly let us use the title of his fabulous book, ‘Mission With: Something Out of the Ordinary’ will reflect on what ‘Mission With’ means to him.
Then we will do the same, getting to know each other, our contexts and shaping the new community together…with not to in action!
Sign up here to join in: Talking Mission With Webinar – Google Forms