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  • Proximity Urban Mission Conference 2023

    Proximity Urban Mission Conference 2023

    Join the Proximity Urban Mission Conference – Light in the Darkness to be equipped, encouraged and inspired to reach our urban communities.

  • Church at the Margins Resources

    Church at the Margins Resources

    The Methodist Church has training and resources available to its members through Church at the Margins and anyone can view the Church at the Margins webinar archive.

  • Mission on the Margins

    Mission on the Margins

    ‘Mission on the Margins’ at St Hild College is a learning track for people who engage missionally within marginalised contexts.

  • Talking Mission With

    Talking Mission With

    Sammy Jordan of Hope Together is setting up a new online network called ’Talking Mission With’ for people in incarnational ministry to share and talk together.

  • How about an interesting read?

    Barbara Glasson – I am Somewhere Else (Gospel Reflections from an Emerging Church) I know I am probably behind the times as this book was published in 2006 however, I have been reading it with a friend recently. Right from the introduction I felt drawn in from both Barbara’s easy to read style and to…

  • Coastal Estates

      When we talk of coastal towns, for many of us that evokes childhood images of fish and chips, ice-creams, sandy beaches and a paddle in the clear blue sea. What is quickly forgotten is the hours of sitting in traffic on roads not built to cope with the sudden influx of holiday traffic. Perhaps…

  • A Space of Welcome in Wythenshawe

    2020 – What a year! I came back from my break to Lisbon and went into run our regular Place of Welcome on the first Monday in March.  The conversation was about one thing – Coronavirus.  It soon became apparent a closure was on its way.  Well, that’s it then.  I’ll get laid off I…

  • Webinar: C of E vision for the 2020s Monday 26 April, 12.30 – 1.30pm

    Join Archbishop Stephen Cottrell and panel members to find out more about the emerging vision and strategic priorities for the Church for the next decade. This is the second in a series of webinars that will explore what it means to be a church that is centred on Jesus Christ and shaped by Jesus Christ – a church that is simpler, humbler, bolder. In this session, we will be…

  • NECN in Conversation with Pioneer Minister Jane Emson

    Middlesbrough CENTRE OF MISSION About the Centre of Mission Middlesbrough Centre of Mission is based on the Brambles Farm and Thorntree estates in Middlesbrough, which are in the top 1% most deprived neighbourhoods in the country. – Thorntree is being one of the most deprived areas in the UK (IMD 2019). St Thomas Church (Brambles…

  • NECN in conversation with Andy Greiff

    Buttershaw Estate in Bradford is most famous for the setting of Rita, Sue and Bob Too film and the birth place of its author Andrea Dunbar. This gritty comedy/ drama shows what life can be like on a northern estate, but there are many other stories that paint the picture. It’s been so encouraging over the past…

  • Praxis Labs Centre for Hope and Activism

    Praxis Labs run courses to help you turn your faith into action. They are starting another one on 8 April. It’s hugely accessible, really inspiring and welcomes all theological perspectives. It’s also ‘pay as you can afford’ and so accessible from a finance perspective too. “As lockdown (hopefully) comes to an end in the next…

  • Ground Level Unemployment Support

    At Jericho, we support people, marginalised by society, overcome barriers to become fulfilled at work and in life. Currently, across our nation, we face rapidly rising levels of unemployment with a massive hit on 16-24 yr olds, huge competition for every job, and increased risk of long-term unemployment for lower-skilled and older job-seekers. Our Ignition…