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At Jericho, we support people, marginalised by society, overcome barriers to become fulfilled at work and in life.

Currently, across our nation, we face rapidly rising levels of unemployment with a massive hit on 16-24 yr olds, huge competition for every job, and increased risk of long-term unemployment for lower-skilled and older job-seekers.

Our Ignition programme aims to help fulfil the growing need for grassroots, community-based employment support. It is delivered through partnerships with local churches and community organisations, where we provide training for volunteers and a comprehensive resources manual that can be used in different settings.

We expect to see high numbers of people requiring extra support to enter or re-enter a shrinking jobs market, along with the need for other support as a growing number of people face the financial, emotional, mental and physical effects of redundancy and unemployment. With all this happening and various levels of restrictions, fewer people will be walking into a job club to seek help at this time, so we need to think differently.

We’re developing employment support guides and workbooks that will give churches the opportunity to offer remote support until things change. These will be ready soon.

Many people will not know where to turn and a timely intervention could make all the difference. A simple, structured conversation could help somebody take stock of their present situation then start to turn things around. A chat could start a life-changing journey.

We are also developing training and resources to provide tools, techniques and resources that will help with the conversation.

If you would like to know more, please call Dave Chapman, Church Partnership Manager, on 07850 603969, or email

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