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Introducing Lynne Cullens Chair of NECN

Who’s who @ NECN

Over the coming months we are going to take a look at who the Trustees of NECN are, their passions, their skills and what they get up to in and out of NECN.

If you would like to get more involved, feel you have passion or skills which could be useful please do get in touch. We have work streams as well as trustee opportunities.

Chair of NECN
Lynne Cullens Chair of NECN


My first encounter with NECN was several years before I joined the Board, via the annual conference which was held in Manchester.  It was a really busy, lively, even slightly chaotic event, filled with folk from a wide range of estates ministries and contexts, and the discussions were noisy, good-natured and rich.

And I’m delighted to say they still are.  NECN has flourished and developed in many ways over recent years, but it remains faithfully, determinedly true to its roots and its passion; the representation, affirmation, advocacy for and service to all those Christian leaders in our estate communities nationally – including myself – for whom ministry is both a daily joy and a challenge.

As Chair of the NECN Board, it’s now my privilege to work alongside the most gifted set of Trustees, who bring passion, focus and wisdom to our stewardship of NECN, under the leadership of Sara, our new Executive Director.

The future for estates ministry will be challenging; NECN will be at the forefront of advocating, resourcing, supporting and praying for estates churches and leaders in those challenges.  If you’re not part of our network already, we’d love you to join us in that.


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