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Stepping Up with Mustard Seed

Growing disciples in places where life is tough

Heather Black, programme leader, gives us an update on the Mustard Seed’s Stepping Up programme, in the Diocese of York.

Mustard Seed works in five deaneries on the geographical edge of York Diocese where life is tough, Middlesbrough, Hull and our coastal communities. The parable of the Mustard Seed helps us to understand how God is at work, people and parishes in our poorest communities often feel small and insignificant and yet are full of potential, like a Mustard Seed. Local people from these parishes are invited onto the Stepping Up programme, a year- long journey of discipleship, growing in faith and mission.

Mustard Seed - Stories
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We are now celebrating with the first nine people to complete their Stepping Up journey. It has been wonderful to watch everyone grow and discover how God is calling them to Step Up in mission. Each person will be serving within their local community, using their own particular gifts and skills, in some places renewing and developing existing mission activities, and for others embarking on a whole new adventure in mission.

All nine people will be prayed for and commissioned as a Community Minister within their parish. During the service they will be invited into the Mustard Seed mission community, gathering each term to continue to learn and grow together and to follow a rhythm of life.

As a Mustard Seed Community, we are committed to: Becoming more Christ-like, growing in prayer and discipleship. We will follow a rhythm of life, where we continue to learn and grow by

  • Listening – to God, to others and to ourselves,
  • Being with – a commitment to be with the people and the community where God has called us to serve,
  • Sharing Faith – joining in with God’s mission in our local communities, sharing God’s love in action, words and prayer.

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