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  • A film to watch

    Nomadland – Frances McDormand I recently watched a film with my son called Nomadland. He always reviews films as it is his passion, so here is Caleb Barron’s review of Nomadland. ‘I’m going to put aside the production of this film. Many reviews here take real issue with this film because it is a vehicle […]

  • Proximity 2021 Programme

      Check out the Proximity website for more information about their packed programme to help mobilise and equip you and your team for urban mission. Alongside keynote speakers Bob Ekblad, Rachel Gardner, Josh Smedley, Sam Ward, Andy Hawthorne and Sarah Small, there’ll also be testimonies from Eden teams, interviews with Eden members and leaders and […]

  • Webinar: C of E vision for the 2020s Monday 26 April, 12.30 – 1.30pm

    Join Archbishop Stephen Cottrell and panel members to find out more about the emerging vision and strategic priorities for the Church for the next decade. This is the second in a series of webinars that will explore what it means to be a church that is centred on Jesus Christ and shaped by Jesus Christ – a church that is simpler, humbler, bolder. In this session, we will be […]

  • Stay Alert to the Spirit

        Are you looking for a new course to stay connected with young people in your community? Read all about the ‘Stay Alert to the Spirit’ programme put together by Jesus Shaped People… Despite our technology, wealth and 21st Century ‘know how’ we’ve been humbled by a virus, like an elite Premier League Football Club […]

  • Proximity Conference 2021

    We wanted to let you know that Proximity is heading back online for 2021! Running from 7-8 May, Proximity is our annual Urban Mission Conference and it’s totally FREE. We’ll be joined by inspiring and challenging speakers including Bob Ekblad, Rachel Gardner, Josh Smedley, Andy Hawthorne, Sam Ward and Sarah Small who will help each of us explore God’s call […]

  • The World of Jesus a New Course from Jesus Shaped People

    A new 8 week online course on Wednesdays from April 7th, 7–9 pm Gordon Dey from Jesus Shaped People has created an eight-week, Zoom-driven course entitled World of Jesus that draws from his experience of leading pilgrimage groups to Israel and Palestine over the past 30 years. Gordon is offering the opportunity for people belonging to […]

  • What Kind of Mission for the 21st Century?

    Calling all urban church leaders and clergy! A wonderful opportunity to hear Bishop John Perumbalath speak on mission will take place at Birmingham Cathedral as part of a day commemorating the Christian socialist, Charles Gore. This will take place on Thursday 16th September from 10.30 am until 3.30 pm. Register for free enquiries@birminghamcathedral.com. You may […]

  • Apostolic training for an indigenous ministry?

    Estates practitioner and priest, Joe Hasler offers some thoughts around training local people for God’s mission in extracts from his poem below. The whole reflection can be downloaded at the end of this post. Apostolic means ‘Go to’ or ‘being sent’. An Apostle meaning ‘one sent on a mission’.     We have had the […]

  • Ken Leech Memorial Lecture: The Eye of the Storm

    Ken Leech Memorial Lecture 2020 – “Learning from Ken: how to breathe in the tempest “ About this Event Ken Leech Memorial Lecture 2020 will be given by the Right Reverend Paul Bayes, Bishop of Liverpool, on Tuesday 3rd November 2020, at 7.30. Paul Bayes has been the Bishop of Liverpool since 2014. His ministry […]

  • **STOP PRESS – New Jesus Shaped People Resource**

    Despite our technology, wealth, and 21st Century ‘know how’ we’ve been humbled by a virus, like an elite Premier League Football Club knocked out of the FA Cup by a team no one has heard of. How did this happen, how can we get rid of it, when will it end, how is it going […]