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  • Online Leadership Resources from Church Army

    Online Leadership Resources from Church Army

    LEAD is the new leadership development offer from Church Army. It’s been designed and piloted with pioneers and evangelists in mind.

  • Urban Ministries – Two new online courses

    Urban Ministries – Two new online courses

    In September 2022, Urban Ministries are starting two different webinar courses: UMP Lite and Studying & Teaching the Bible in the Urban Context.

  • New CCX Estates Course – Become

    New CCX Estates Course – Become

    CCX (The Gregory Centre for Church Multiplication) are passionate about raising leaders from estates and are excited to be launching a new course in September that helps do just that: ‘Become’.

  • Unlock Bible Study Resources

    Unlock Bible Study Resources

    Unlock enables urban churches of any denomination to respond to their local contexts. They are especially concerned with helping oral learners engage with Bible Stories and explore the Christian faith.

  • Leading your Estate Church into Growth

    Leading your Church into Growth (LyCiG) are running a course in June 2022 especially tailored for estate churches.

  • Cinnamon Network Micro-Grants

    Cinnamon Network Micro-Grants

    NECN has been catching up with some news from the Cinnamon Network about their Micro-grants and new learning community, Cinnamon Connect.

  • A film to watch

    Nomadland – Frances McDormand I recently watched a film with my son called Nomadland. He always reviews films as it is his passion, so here is Caleb Barron’s review of Nomadland. ‘I’m going to put aside the production of this film. Many reviews here take real issue with this film because it is a vehicle […]

  • Proximity 2021 Programme

      Check out the Proximity website for more information about their packed programme to help mobilise and equip you and your team for urban mission. Alongside keynote speakers Bob Ekblad, Rachel Gardner, Josh Smedley, Sam Ward, Andy Hawthorne and Sarah Small, there’ll also be testimonies from Eden teams, interviews with Eden members and leaders and […]

  • Webinar: C of E vision for the 2020s Monday 26 April, 12.30 – 1.30pm

    Join Archbishop Stephen Cottrell and panel members to find out more about the emerging vision and strategic priorities for the Church for the next decade. This is the second in a series of webinars that will explore what it means to be a church that is centred on Jesus Christ and shaped by Jesus Christ – a church that is simpler, humbler, bolder. In this session, we will be […]

  • Stay Alert to the Spirit

        Are you looking for a new course to stay connected with young people in your community? Read all about the ‘Stay Alert to the Spirit’ programme put together by Jesus Shaped People… Despite our technology, wealth and 21st Century ‘know how’ we’ve been humbled by a virus, like an elite Premier League Football Club […]