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  • Free Tennis Equipment and Training from LTA

    The LTA SERVES Programme offers free tennis provision to community groups for children and young people in local underserved communities across England.

  • Out of the Margins: Episode 2

    Rev’d Helen Shannon talks to us about how the local estate church has responded to what is dying and what is beginning to flourish?

  • Talking Mission With

    Sammy Jordan of Hope Together is setting up a new online network called ’Talking Mission With’ for people in incarnational ministry to share and talk together.

  • Online Leadership Resources from Church Army

    LEAD is the new leadership development offer from Church Army. It’s been designed and piloted with pioneers and evangelists in mind.

  • Urban Ministries – Two new online courses

    In September 2022, Urban Ministries are starting two different webinar courses: UMP Lite and Studying & Teaching the Bible in the Urban Context.

  • New Podcast – Out of the Margins

    Now available from NECN and Jesus Shaped People, our new collaborative podcast, Out of the Margins – Hearing and responding to voices from the edges of ministry.

  • Smallwood Trust – Cost of Living Fund

    The Smallwood Trust helps women on low incomes. They are launching their ‘Cost of Living Fund’ at the end of April 2022.

  • Unlock Bible Study Resources

    Unlock enables urban churches of any denomination to respond to their local contexts. They are especially concerned with helping oral learners engage with Bible Stories and explore the Christian faith.

  • Cinnamon Network Micro-Grants

    NECN has been catching up with some news from the Cinnamon Network about their Micro-grants and new learning community, Cinnamon Connect.

  • Growing Good – Free discipleship course

    Find out about the Growing Good Toolkit, a free discipleship course. Explore how your church can grow and make a difference in your community.

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