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NECN Directory

Download the free directory of organisations, projects and resources that we think will be relevant to estate churches.

We have included a link and a brief description for each organisation. Got some ideas? Get in touch to add an organisation or recommend a book.

You can view the directory in Google Docs or download a copy.

The directory includes information on:

  • Whole church, individual and leadership training programmes
  • Funding sources
  • Church networks
  • Theological research
  • Specialist ministries
  • Reading list
  • And much more.

Reading list

Some of the books listed in the NECN Directory are available on or, if you would like to support NECN by buying one of these books using the links on our Reading List page then a small percentage of the price will be donated to NECN.

Browse these books and others on our reading list.

Finding the Treasure
Jesus and Jellied Eels

You can also search for other fiction/non-fiction books on using the search below and anything you purchase having arrived via this link will support NECN financially even if it’s something we haven’t recommended.

Other resources